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But for the price it's going for, don't think so. Irish milf mj. Clear Video Game Toys. Revoltech naked snake. I love them all. I hate that these toy companies reveal one figure and leave us in the dark about any other figures they have planned.

Articulation is pretty basic for a Revoltech figure. Use of this page constitutes agreement with our Terms of service Privacy Policy. That big ole honker and the anime hair are absolutely the worst offenders though. Jerome Lim June 23, at I was really excited when the rumors started that either a Naked Snake or Big Boss revoltech was on the way, and then when they had the big unveiling unboxing?

I remember when he was still in stock i asked your thoughts on him. Big Naked Venom Punished Boss Snake, the game continued to build a most visually striking character of all time, adding some new injuries and appendages that just scream for action figure treatment. Go figure, it turned out to be Big Boss.

Also note that Snake's trailing bandanna plugs into the back of his head with a peg. Nude sexy girls lesbian. The various straps that make up the webbing around his thighs can also stretch and move a bit. Jeri Reyes July 5, at 1: Also I'm not a fan of the pinned wrists. I get that my expectations are probably irrationally high; I have a thing for Metal Gear that most likely borderlines on unhealthy, and I understand that any figure at this size is going to suffer when looked at this closely.

The belt and rigging is excellent, and he even has the cassette player clipped to his waist. Originally Posted by Kaz Too tiny for the price. Snake comes with a good number of accessories for a Revoltech which include an MA1 pistol, a M16A1 assault rifle, a stun baton, a Revoltech stand, a Revocontainer, effect parts stand, a support arm, two handheld hooks, some goofy things, and a bevy of optional hands. Have you noticed that if you pop out the head theres a ball joint control for snakes left eye to for its articulation.

Tr10wn d ago i want one Agree 4 Disagree 5. A friend shared this with me on Facebook. These won't get in the way of my now 2-week old addiction to PAKs though. The story is too old to be commented. The figure is scheduled to be released in April.

In fact his groin is covered with a pair of rubbery pantaloons that are meant to bend and flex around the gaps in his joints. Big tits squirting orgasm. Peace Walker — Naked Snake. And man is that eye gimmick hella sweet. He's ready to sit down for a powwow. Other times it just looks like a mess of wrinkles and strange proportions, like on Wolfwood.

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Peace Walker is pleasingly ambitious figure for the line that manages to achieve what it set out to do as a stylized rendition of this iconic character.

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Leave your reply on the Toyark Forums. With that pointless text aside, this figure is actually cool, but not worth replacing my PAK version. Lucy wilde tits. Revoltech naked snake. I remember when he was still in stock i asked your thoughts on him. I think the sculpt on this figure is pretty good, but you definitely have to take a few things into consideration. Wonderful pictures with this one. It's no PERS, but works pretty well provided you can get your fingernail on the tiny knob. Decent but I don't think I will be buying anymore.

The face sculpt was actually what killed my interest. Snake is a solid upscale action figure that uses the peculiarities of the Revoltech line to its advantage. Yes it is and that disappoints me. Naked girl in hotel. How much is it? The moveable eye is a neat feature, and it explains the wild eyed kind of look he has, but this still looks like a figure of a Snake cosplayer.

Jerome Lim June 23, at I've heard friends of mine describe this figure as trying to capture Yoji Shinkawa's very sketchy and whispy looking artwork. Go figure, it turned out to be Big Boss. That big ole honker and the anime hair are absolutely the worst offenders though. Sometimes, too much articulation could work against the design.

In fact his groin is covered with a pair of rubbery pantaloons that are meant to bend and flex around the gaps in his joints. A relative newcomer to the pantheon of "stuff Kaiyodo shoves into every Revoltech release" is this "third leg" style support arm that can be used to keep the figure upright.

Friday, June 21, Revoltech Snake Review. Revoltech Naked Snake Teased Not a member yet? I have a PAK version Originally Posted by Shin Densetsu. Sexy young girls masturbating. D-Arts still need improvement, not bad but they are expensive for what they offer at the moment. I like the exclamation point effect part.

The sculpt is good but I am surprised that Kojima let Yamaguchi go with the more cartoon-esque face sculpt. Another highlight of the Revoltech Snake - and Revoltech figures in general for that matter- is his poseability and articulation. Now the most Metal Gear-y accessory is this suspicious sheet of tissue box grade cardboard that looks oddly familiar.

Regardless, everything works really well to give Snake a natural stance while doing a variety of poses.

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