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This faster growth rate was most likely a result of better nutrient availability and perhaps increased spheroid aggregation. Hot lesbians moaning. Another approach has been to grow pieces of human choroidal melanomas in a donor animal and implant them in the suprachoroidal space of an immunosuppressed rabbit 3234 or nude rat. C and M are considered aggressive, based on their ability to form PAS-positive channels in vitro.

Despite this difference, both results point to the importance of epithelioid cells in the expression of PAS-positive loops and cross-linking parallel channels. The C tumor left is characterized by cross-linking parallel channels. Nude rat rod. In addition, differences in gene or protein expression could be correlated with PAS staining patterns. The overall growth rates are summarized in Figure 4which shows the maximum area for each tumor as a function of days of growth.

In this study, histologic cell type was linked to the PAS staining pattern. The prognostic value of tumor blood vessel morphology in primary uveal melanoma. Others have implanted human choroidal melanomas into the suprachoroidal space of experimental animals, 16 but none of these models duplicated the PAS staining patterns of aggressive and nonaggressive tumors. Influence of convection in the growth medium on oxygen tensions in multicellular tumor spheroids.

C, M, and OCM-1 spheroids were implanted in the right eyes of 20, 17, and 16 rats, respectively. Milf ass movies. First, these rats are athymic, which permitted the xenotrans-plantation of human tumor tissue into the choroid.

PAS staining of the same tumors. In addition to the low success rate, there was also concern with the use of subcutaneously grown tumors as the donor tissue in two cases. We could find no evidence of metastases in the livers excised at the time of enucleation.

If this were true, then the chances of observing a dividing cell would be greater in the OCM-1 tumor, even though the growth rates were the same. The pattern of these PAS-positive channels has been shown to correlate strongly with patient prognosis. As hypothesized, the aggressive cell lines C and M primarily produced xenografts that demonstrated PAS-positive patterns associated with aggressive tumors in patients Fig. The purpose of the present study was to develop new orthotopic human choroidal melanoma xenograft models that reproduce the PAS staining patterns associated with aggressive and nonaggressive choroidal melanomas in patients.

The other PAS-negative C tumor had grown for 14 days, but it was also small maximum area of 0. Tumor spheroids are 3-D aggregations of tumor cells that have been used as a model of tumor parenchyma for decades. Unfortunately, spheroids were not routinely saved from each transplant, because correlating spheroid characteristics with xenograft staining patterns for individual rats was not an original goal of this study. Although some of this may have been attributable to fast tumor growth, a portion may have been caused by injection of some spheroids into the retina or vitreous.

Possible Prognostic Factors in Choroidal Melanoma Xenografts This study was not specifically designed to correlate the PAS-positive patterns in the xenografts with the extent of metastasis or rat survival. Sexy girl without any cloth. Such xenografts were designated as mixed-cell tumors. Therefore, the presence of epithelioid cells would not be a discriminating parameter in predicting survival in this model.

Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol.

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The C xenografts had the lowest mean mitotic index of 2.

All three tumor types were primarily comprised of tightly packed epithelioid cells Fig. Vascularization of human glioma spheroids implanted into rat cortex is conferred by two distinct mechanisms. Phoenix marie tits. We found no evidence of metastases in any of the liver samples we sectioned. Spheroids could be grown as donor tissue from all three cell lines Fig.

All the M tumors showed one of the two patterns associated with aggressiveness, and most presented loops or networks. Intermediate growth of the tumor cells in the skin might have significantly altered their properties.

The rat was placed under an operating microscope, and a suture was tied through the upper eyelid to expose the globe. The assessment that was noted in at least two of the three evaluations was taken as the final PAS staining pattern.

The areas of spindle cells were sometimes located in swirling patterns or often along the edge of tumors that had penetrated into the vitreous humor. Patient survival has been linked to the periodic acid-Schiff base PAS —positive vascular patterns in the tumors. Nude rat rod. Another explanation is that the tumors may have shown the aggressive PAS patterns had they been allowed to grow longer.

Because all three tumors were very mitotically active and grew rapidly Fig. Big tits and ass porn videos. In addition to the low success rate, there was also concern with the use of subcutaneously grown tumors as the donor tissue in two cases. Its purpose was to develop new xenograft models of human choroidal melanoma that predictably demonstrate the PAS staining patterns associated with nonaggressive and aggressive tumors in human patients. The technique of implanting spheroids in the suprachoroidal space to grow orthotopic choroidal melanoma xenografts was very successful.

Sincenumerous attempts have been made to develop orthotopic models of human choroidal melanoma by implanting human choroidal melanoma tissue into the suprachoroidal space of an animal. When OCM-1 cells were orthotopically implanted into immunosuppressed rabbits, they generated tumors that were predominantly epithelioid in nature. In addition, the maximum areas for tumors after 2 weeks of growth were compared.

Establishment of pigmented choroidal melanomas in a rabbit model. All the tumors contained some epithelioid cells and more than half of them were purely epithelioid Table 1. The criteria set forth by Folberg et al. It is unclear why the OCM-1 xenografts demonstrated the aggressive phenotype in four of 16 tumors. Pamela anderson nude fuck. These results generally agree with previous studies. The C tumors were typically characterized by the presence of cross-linking parallel channels, and only 2 of 20 tumors lacked the staining patterns associated with aggressive tumors.

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Eye cups were dehydrated through a series of increasing alcohols, cleared Clear-Rite 3; Richard-Allan Scientific, Kalamazoo, MIand embedded in paraffin. This is somewhat different from the relationship found in choroidal melanomas in patients, where the presence of any epithelioid cells has been linked to the expression of PAS-positive loops and cross-linking parallel channels.

Nevertheless, we histologically examined the livers of rats that had borne tumors for more than 30 days. If the tumors were allowed to grow for more than 4 weeks, 8 of 11 tumors showed scleral penetration, and a portion of the sclera was obliterated Fig.

Antibiotic ointment was applied, and the rat was allowed to recover on the heating blanket before being returned to its cage.

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