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Van hansis nude

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They took the money but the film isn't done? As a birthday present to myself, I self-financed the first two episodes, and called in every favor I could call in.

Make your own goddamn thread. Big tits lois griffin. R, it's hard to explain. Van hansis nude. Anyway, at the end of the show Luke chose Reid but Reid died. Hope the fans get the hint. Okay, he got work in a play that has already closed and he right away started bugging his fans to get him to the Holland event. He really pings if you ask me; even more than Van who we know is gay. He's an old school actor and they don't really give a shit about anything except a good performance. Those people aren't even going to be there. Girl fuck ass man. I guess you are one of those people that think Van will be robbed at Oscar time for his straight to DVD flick.

I dunno, I think Van could pull off a straight role. Did you feel a need for Eastsiders to have positive gay role models? Ads are the worst, right? Jake Silbermann is a major douchebag. He will be no better or worse off than hundreds in his industry. Jake Silbermann was on his way out anyway. TheatreDiva Broadway Legend joined: But many things point to the fact that he's gay.

Nelson Branco posted a blind item once about a gay soap actor getting drunk and telling another straight soap actor about his foot fetish and asking to suck his toes or something, and there was lots of speculation that it was Van.

Jake and ESS sure as hell ain't, either. Luke chose Noah in the end.

Van hansis nude

Actually I do hope he has some talent behind the camera because he is a horrible actor although I heard he is a real nice guy; so maybe he has some future as a director but I wouldn't count on this picture making him famous. And as for Jake and Eric Jake behaves and acts that way, in order to keep the Bank of Fandom money coming his way, for whatever he wants to do next.

Join RedTube Premium and never look back. Why discuss anything on here? Van wanted to be seen sucking Jake's toes, lol, but the producers and photogs didn't think it was funny.

Yeah, I'm not sure I buy him saying he wanted to suck Jake's toes, seeing as how he was always so uncomfortable about taking his shirt off, etc. He needs to start taking some more acting classes, to refine his craft. Thanks to Zenk's passionate fanbase, that day may be coming sooner than later.

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I know someone on one of those sites, probably a Nuke site, was saying that knowing Jake and Van were supporting each other in real life and that Van would be going to see Dracula made her happy and at peace!!! I've just been taking your guys' word for it, but I haven't seen anything else. He never had a chance and then desperation set in and now he's Noah for Hire.

He is from Pittsburgh? Not a terribly butch one, but still. Milf blowjob gallery. Jake will never get his own series. Eric is a stage actor and consummate professional who focuses on giving the best performance. But like I said Oakdale and its inhabitants were figments of a writers imagination.

Join the RedTube Community. If you would like a link to your fan website, or if there are other intact US TV stars you think should be here, please let me know. I can understand his reasons for wanting to try L. I, myself, am a Van fan more than anything else, so there goes your theory. Van hansis nude. Van's personality is spot on too. Sex india naked. Plus it is not some A-list movie, rather something that will probably go straight to DVD.

You act like it is an insult to suggest Van continue taking acting lessons. He would have pushed him away when Noah kissed him, if he didn't want him anymore. Log in - Posts - Add New. Van himself has never discussed his sexuality in any interview I have ever read.

The funds that were raised for Eric's film, without him asking his fans, at all for the money, is a drop in a bucket, compared to the amount of money Jake fans donated.

For some reason I thought he was from New England. A friend of Van's filmed it and put it on YT. All of the characters are rubbing up against archetypes and stereotypes and rejecting them.

It has nothing to do with his fans. Alexandra nude pics. I know that they have a graet chemistry on screen and I think it's one of the reasons that JS got the role of Noah. As of September 18th they ceased to exist.

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In one of the interviews he gave on the radio, he made a statement that he would be open to doing another soap and then a couple months later said that for 'right now' he would be looking to do other things outside of soaps.

Until Van books an 'acting' job, he is an unemployed actor. I do come Join me I miss him so much and i also miss him and Jake they were hot together in real life that is!!!

I mean, just fucking say it.

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He seems like the kind of guy who blows things and people off very easily. Tyler a definite hottie. Girls with numbers nude. Given the fact that Luke and Reid were only together a few months the fact that they could divide the audience in that short of a time was amazing. There's is an timeless love story of two dreamy men that transends time.

R He can have respect for the role without constantly referencing it for the rest of his life and career. Naked women masterbating in public Actually I do hope he has some talent behind the camera because he is a horrible actor although I heard he is a real nice guy; so maybe he has some future as a director but I wouldn't count on this picture making him famous.

Yeah, I saw it. Those are really the only concrete things I can point to. He probably could have gotten another leading role in a low budget film. Who really cares if those two never move beyond "Being Nuke" as long as their sticky undie girls of various ages and genders continue to be given lip service for their giant wankoff sessions.

But like I said Oakdale and its inhabitants were figments of a writers imagination. Sign Up For Free.

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